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Our industry is the most complex in the world. Commercially, it is torn between the winds of politics and the trends of international economics. It is governed by more laws, regulations and restrictions than any other industry known. Technically, it is one step behind space travel, demanding the highest standards and costing the highest bills.

With all its problems, it is a glorious industry that penetrates the very being of those who work in it. It is a lifetime career and dedication. Men of the highest caliber devote their lives to its services. The great pleasure in solving its problems and deep satisfaction in achieving progress cannot be matched in any other industry. It is a select club where all know each other and expect the best from each other.

It is in this spirit of excellence and dedication that MASCO performs.

This website can only give headlines to the vast potential of services that MASCO can offer. We are confident that all aviation organizations have problems that need solving, problems that cost money and drain resources. We are also confident that MASCO will solve them to the satisfaction of the most discriminate.

M. Yassine Sabbagh
General Manager
Mideast Aircraft Services Company